Super Smash Bros. Brawl!

So, Brawl is coming out in 12 days! Finally!

After numerous delays, this highly anticipated title for the Nintendo Wii is at last coming out to gamers in the US. Some say that this game will make WiiConnect24 thrive, yet some say that this game “sucks so much and why is it coming out at all.”

My opinion on this game is simple: IT’S GONNA ROCK YOUR SOCKS OFF!

Sure, some people may say it will suck, but that’s only because their expectations were way too high for the game. I myself can see why some may say the game will not be good.

Final Smash Moves: This is probably the number one reason that some may not like the game from what they have seen. I saw some of these moves myself on YouTube, and I must say a couple of things. Firstly, some of the moves are just plain stupid or corny. I believe all of the characters should have useful, cool looking, overpowered moves for their Final Smash. For example, Link’s move looks so cool, compared to Peach’s retarded move. Link’s move slashes anime style with the Triforce at his enemy, while Peach’s puts them to sleep and makes peaches fall from the sky that heals anyone.

I believe this game is going to rock, and am buying it the second it hits store shelves.

I command you to do the same.




~ by Panzer on February 25, 2008.

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