Wow, Team Fortress 2

So I’ve been playing a lot of TF2 these days (PC), especially during the recent MidWinter Recess. I thought about the balance of the different classes and some of the game’s features as I played, and realized a LOT of things.

1. The Pyro is overpowered. The Pyro moves way too fast, and the range of its flamethrower is too large. The flames can reach so far ahead of it, and it is impossible to not be flamed while running and gunning as a Soldier or Engineer. I believe that the Pyro should be able to be set ablaze. I also believe 175 HP is a bit too much, and perhaps it should be made a bit slower, at the same speed of soldiers.

2. Sticky mines are also overpowered. One sticky mine takes away 66% of a level 3 sentry’s HP; and two kills just about every class anywhere near them unless they were boosted by a medic. Also, the ability of Demomen (which I recently figured out was short for Demolitions Men) to do an überjump by rocket jumping with two stickymines (which is fair enough, gives the class an edge over others) does not take away much HP from the Demoman himself. This is all balanced, but the fact remains that even with one stickymine, a Demoman seems to be able to propel himself higher than a Soldier. Perhaps this is because one can place a mine anywhere they want, but this seems to be a disadvantage.

3. I have mixed feelings about crit rockets. If i’m a Soldie and get a crit, it’s a kiss from an angel. If I’m anyone else, it’s like the devil himself is trying to stop me. None of the other crits (with the possible exception of stickymines yet again) are as effective as killing a player as a crit rocket. And speaking about over powered shots, how is it that a headshot does not kill a heavy unless it’s fully charged? 😡

Well, there you have it. My rant on TF2. Don’t even infer for a second that I dislike the game. I absolutely love the game.

Enjoy your gaming,



Love from the TF2 Team ❤


~ by Panzer on February 25, 2008.

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