The Casual Collective

Hello all, Panzer Thirteen here again for yet another installment of the über life of a gamer.

I’ve decided to use today to tell everyone about a great casual competitive multiplayer gaming site called The Casual Collective.

All you need to play is Flash Player. If you’ve played Desktop Tower Defense, there is a multiplayer version of that, plus the famous Flash Element TDs 1 and 2. This site is a lot of fun, the community is amazing, and the games are very addicting.

There are many game modes, including Arcade (faster gameplay), Superpowers (cool powers like kill all enemies), and Spawn (only spawn monsters).

Check it out, and add me to your collective! My IGN is da10x.

Site can be found here.

Have fun,



~ by Panzer on February 27, 2008.

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