Leap Day?!

Hello all, Panzer Thirteen here yet again for an inside look in the mind of a gamer.

It’s Leap Day! February 29th, and my friend’s fourth birthday. Happy Birthday Jackie.

There has been a new TF2 Update!

Mainly, they fixed some balancing issues, perhaps even after reading my post on balancing issues, and decided to lower the amount of total ammo Soldiers and Demomen have.

Remember how Soldiers used to have 36 ammo in their reserves? Now they have 16. No crit phor j00!!11 Same exact thing happened with the Demoman’s regular grenades, and their sticky mine reserves also got cut (to 20 I think). So now, most others may have a fighting chance with endless waves of nades and rockets spamming their way over to their position.

Perhaps this won’t help with Dispenser campers on 3 at cp_orange_x3 or Dispenser campers anywhere at all, it will cut down the destructive power of rushes and pushes toward the other team’s spawn, and will make it easier to push them back once their primary weapon has been disabled.

To address another issue, I have discovered a useful tactic Demomen can use to move a lot faster than other classes, even the scout. This method works especially well on maps with high ledges with medium gaps in between them (like 2fort) or even wide open maps (such as the omni-present orange_x3). A demo would plant two sticky mines (again with the mines) right next to each other, and detonate while crouch-jumping over them, but instead of crouch-jumping directly over them and doing an überjump, you would run forward and crouch-jump in front of the mines, which would über propel you forwards. Think of it as a horizontal überjump. If you do this on a slope facing the side of the direction you are jumping, you would go even further (it’s almost as if you jump up forward). Same with a wall.

This is especially useful in the maps cp_orange_x[3] (propel from the tower to either team’s 2), ctf_2fort (as mentioned above, across the gap over bridge), and ctf_well_classic (across the gap).

Although this gives an unfair advantage to Demomen (yet again), it takes away about a half of their health, and they lose even more when they land.

Now, if only soldies could do that…

TTFN (QQ moer nubs),


Stacked Mines

Stacked Mines(a. k. a. VERY Stacked Mines).


~ by Panzer on February 29, 2008.

One Response to “Leap Day?!”

  1. On well_classic, you can get a quick cap by sticky jumping if you can get into the silo before sentries are set up. My record is 45 seconds from spawn to capture.

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