Hmm, Some observations on gamers in general.

Hi everybody! Panzer Thirteen here again with more thoughts from my mind.

You know what I noticed? People that play FPSs a lot develop habits. For example, people that play CS develop a quick scope habit and crouching when shooting. When I played CS, I would constantly do this, and when I started playing TF2, I would contine to do this.

People that play snipers in TF2 tend to stand up straight and stay scoped in, then strafe the crosshairs into the opponent’s head. I found myself doing this with a scout in cs_assault. Needless to say, I got around 3 headshots and got pwned soon afterwards.

Another habit is when people play Steam-based FPSs, they tend to hit Q-Q a lot to quick switch when bored. I find myself doing the same in Halo 3 – Y-Y. I found this very interesting.

I believe people develop habits based on the games that they play. When they start playing an new game, those habits continue to have an influence, then slowly give way to newer habits based on the new game. And this cycle goes on.




~ by Panzer on March 3, 2008.

One Response to “Hmm, Some observations on gamers in general.”

  1. I decided to leave a reply. Yeah i do tend to reload excessively in almost every fps I play. It works in every game except BF2 were amoun of ammo is measured in clips, and not on bullets. I find myself out of ammo very fast after only using about 5 bullets per clip. I’m a crazy strafing sniper by choice in CSS, so that sometimes works for me when i rarely play TF2. Anyway, I’ve enjoyed the blog so far.

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