Back – Super Smash Bros. Brawl, yo.

Well folks, I’m back again from an extended vacation that left me stranded in the middle of the Arabian Desert in de_dust2. No, seriously, I’m back again and am getting into the game once more.

Since the last post, Brawl has been a fun aspect of my life. I’ve beaten the game in two days without a guide, 100%. Although the game isn’t as insanely balanced as other games, I find it to be a delicious experience that remains as addicting as ever.

The game is gorgeous (for the Wii, and even perhaps for the PS2 =] ) and only suffers from a slight slow-down compared to the previous iteration, Melee for the GameCube. Nintendo has finaly released broadband multiplayer, and has even balanced the game a little further by providing a few nerfs here and there.

On the subject of online multiplayer, I had problems connecting to a game unless I had a specific list of Friend Codes and joined a game that a friend was in. However, the online is a great addition to an already near-perfect experience.

Some nerfs that they did were that the Home-Run Bat is now a lot slower and harder to hit with, and Jigglypuff’s DOWN+B move is now also a lot harder to hit with. Both moves’ time window to hit with have dramatically decreased.

Of course, however, the game itself is marvelous. The game remains as fun as ever, and has no “clone” characters. The inclusion of Final Smashes enriches the gameplay even further, and is a cool way to finish an opponent. Some moves, like Cpt. Olimar’s FS requires no skill to execute, but some like Link’s or Zelda/Shiek’s takes some aim and skill.

The only real efficient way to play this game is with either the GameCube Controller or the Wii Classic Controller. The other two control methods, however much customizable, remain near useless and imprecise.

Overall, this game is pretty much the best game on the Wii to date, and probably will be. Even Mario Kart Wii can’t live up to Brawl.

-Panzer XiII


~ by Panzer on July 31, 2008.

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