Grand Theft Auto IV

Well, since all of you have to catch up to all the crap I’ve done these past few months and haven’t posted about, here’s another look.

Remember Halo 3? That over-hyped game that is pretty good, but I think is a bit overrated?

Because if you do, you probably even remember GTA4, an even MORE over-hyped game, but is not ovverated at all, in fact, it is near-perfect.

I bought GTA4 the other day, surprisingly not the day it came out, because I’m not particularly fond of the past GTA titles. However, I saw extensive reviews on how this game is much better than “ANY OTHER GAME EVAR” and saw it also takes place in “Liberty City” a.k.a. New York City.

As some of you may be aware of, I live in ol’ Liberty City myself, and partly gravitated towards this game for my next purchase. Which I did, and for the Xbox 360.

GTA4 is a beautiful game, with immensely good physics and sharp, precise gameplay. The gameplay may be the shining factor, but I believe an underlying factor that makes this game feel truly alive is the actual environment. No two NPC characters are the same, and the way everyone moves and talks makes this game world feel like the true New York City. You can spend hours just sitting on a bench in the middle of a sidewalk and look at all the people move by, talk, and communicate with one another.

The story of this game is also very nicely penned, being a strong part of the game with its witty dialogue and flow. You start the game as an immigrant, Niko Bellic, an Eastern European, a veteran of the Bosnian War. He was lured to America by his cousin, who told him fantastic lies of how great life in the grand ol’ US of A was. When Niko comes, he gets a violent shock at how much debt his beloved cousin is in, and he has to help him.

The greatest part of the gameplay and story, however, is the fact that this is truly “open world sandbox” in the way that you choose what you want to do and how you want to do it. You can choose to build relationships with women or help a loaner bludgeon people into paying him his money. You can also spend hours roaming the streets of Liberty City too.

Obviously, I believe this is a strong candidate for Game of the Year. This game is a very good addition to the GTA series, and is open-ended, sharp, and very entertaining.

-Panzer XiII


~ by Panzer on July 31, 2008.

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