525,600 Minutes… of Team Fortress 2 – Protips Extra!

Hello people and not people, whomever you may be.

I was recently surfing the new doowhangy called the interwebs and found a site called Team Fortress 2 Fort, or TF2F for short. It can be found here.

I made an account, of course, and on my birthday, for some strange reason, and started lurking in the message boards. I found that some people have even logged over 200 hours into their most played character!

And I thought I played a lot! The most I have is only around 80 hours, and that’s my top character.

Speaking of a team-oriented first person shooter (a.k.a. TF2) I’ve been trying out the regular flamethrower with the Pyro now that the BackBurner doesnt get the +50 HP buff any longer. And I’ll honestly say, it’s not as bad as it seems. I always seem to get those lucky crit flames at the most critical time, and it’s usually a lot easier to just blow enemies off the CP than to burn them in the back and die after killing just one.

Protip: The compressed air blast is also a useful little tool when confronted with ubercharged rushes. One blow, and the Medic gots to go! Corny jokes aside, it really is a great diversionary tactic when faced with ubercharged enemies charging across the front line.



Another protip: as a Scout, you can take little to no fall damage, regardless of height, anytime. How, you ask? Remember back in the N64 days when Mario fell a little too high, you would hit Z to ground pound and not take any damage? Same concept here. Just hit SPACE (or your mapped jump key) right before you hit the ground to do a double jump.

Fucking Pro Scout.

Fucking Pro Scout. What team is he on?

You already knew that, you say? Well then, one final protip: You can compressed-air blast Level 3 Sentry Gun rockets too. The game renders them as one single projectile, so dont worry about missing three and only hitting one.

Susceptible to Compressed-Air blasts.

The one all the way on the right: Susceptible to Compressed-Air blasts.

Well, that’s it. Bye. 🙂

-Panzer XiII


~ by Panzer on August 3, 2008.

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