OM NOM NOM NOM – Sandvich Babies!


The long awaited Heavy Weapons Guy’s update has been released! Now the fatass doesn’t just spray bullets of death at little itty btty teeny weenie babies, but now he can regain health by eating a Sandvich. He also has an awesome-sounding new minigun (Bye Sasha, meet Natascha!) that may have a damage reduction, but it slows down enemies. And the new melee weapon, the Killing Gloves of Boxing (K. G. B.) now gives a mini-kruber run to the fattie every time he punches somebody out.



Some other sidegrades include a cooler sound for the Backburner, cp_steel, pl_badwater, and a new gameplay mode, Arena. cp_steel is a great map that’s unique in the fact that the attacking team can capture the final point right off the bat, or they can capture the other points in order to open up alternate routes to the final goal. I haven’t gotten a chance to play Badwater Basin, but from what I’ve heard, it’s a wide open Payload map that’s well made, but seems rushed and has a few bugs.

Arena Mode is basically Rocket Arena mode from Quake. Or it can also be compared to CounterStrike. It’s a basic team deathmatch mode, except you don’t respawn, and there are little to no healthpacks on the map, so Medics and Engineers are a huge asset. The losing team must also sit out, and teams are shuffled every now and then. It’s a fun mode, with a few flaws, expecially the team sitting out, but in the end it’s a valuable addition to the Team Fortress 2 collection.

Even though the people that actually play the game love the new update, of course, the VALVe TF2 forums is full of trolls and QQers and other little baby bawwwwws that just won’t have fun with the new content and only complain over and over again. I’m at work most of my day, and it’s driving me nuts to have to read this spam over and over again.

Well, take solace that this blog is not like that!

-Panzer XiII


~ by Panzer on August 21, 2008.

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