Soldier Guide.

I was searching through my old forums posts yet again, and I found a great Soldier guide that I wrote. Here it is.

Basics of being a Soldier.
Most new players will pick the Soldier. This is because:

A. They think the rocket launcher is going to be as powerful as in other games.

B. They like the prospect of “rocket-jumping.”

The true basics of being an effective soldier are really simple. All you have to do is point and shoot. What comes into play here is where to point and what to shoot.

Where to point.
As a Soldier, you should work with splash damage as much as possible. It is the same in most games. Instead of trying to score direct hits by aiming at the body, try aiming lower and try to hit the ground in front of them. This is primarily because body shots can be easily dodged by strafing and using an unpredictable walking pattern.

Of course, sometimes it is better to aim for the main hitbox. Some situations that this would be good is for Sentry Guns, Heavies, and perhaps even Snipers.

From a distance, a Soldier can take out an unguarded Sentry Gun with 2-3 rockets, and a guarded one can be damaged as to let your team take it out. An alternative way is to strafe in and out of cover while shooting rockets at the Sentry. If the Engineer is nearby for either cases, you may most likely kill him while shooting the Sentry, therefore making it easier to destroy the Sentry.

Heavies are slow, fat, hefty people with large hitboxes. Especially with their minigun revved up, they cannot dodge as well as other classes. Therefore, aim for their fat belly.

For Snipers, if they are bad Snipers that don’t move and stand still, a direct hit can highly damage them and make their aim faulty. However, for up close and personal situations, You can shoot them with a rocket at their feet like any other class and finish them off with your shotgun.

What to shoot.
Now, if you know how to shoot the target, now you have to know how to target a good target.

The first target you should attack is the Medic. Since skilled Medics constantly use an unpredictable walking pattern, just aim into the middle of the Medic and his patient. That way not only will you terminate the Medic, but perhaps even injure his patient. A good thing to do is to make the Medic either run away, abandoning his patient, or to pop his Ubercharge earlier than they want. In the latter option, even if you die, it’s okay because it’s a great delay for the other team.

If there are no Medics anywhere near, the next best targets are Pyros, Demomen, Spies, and other Soldiers.

Pyros: Since the Pyro is faster than you, start at a distance, so the the Pyro has to chase you to flame you. In case he decides to chase you, as soon as he gets close enough to flame you, aim at the ground in front of you and jump. This is called a backwards rocket-jump. It will either kill him or severly wound him, and will help you escape easier. In the event that the Pyro manages to light you up, you have nothing to lose, so go up close and rocket them in the face. However, if they try to puff and sting you, when you get airblasted up, rocket-jump higher so it’s unpredictable. For compressed-air-blasting Pyros, Just keep spamming rockets at them and their feet. The rate of rockets’ fire is higher than the rate of Pyro’s compressed-air-blasts.

Demomen: Skilled Demomen will try and attack you with pipe-bombs blowing up in your face. The best thing to do with Demomen is to utilize an unpredictable walking pattern and to shoot rockets at his feet. If he lays a sticky minefield in front of you, just rocketblast them away.

Spies: Spies are a constant threat. As soon as you whiff a Spy, rocket spam everywhere around you, and the splash damage will reveal them to you. Remember, disguised Spies always look as if they have 60-90% health, unless they are getting healed.

Other Soldiers: Other Soldiers will try and do the same things you do. Focus on splash damage and work on simply killing them in any way possible. Don’t be scared to march right up to them and rocket them in the face.

Of course, now you are going to ask me about Scouts, Engineers, Heavies, and Snipers. And, of course, Medics.

Scouts: Scouts are a pain. They double-jump everywhere and seem like they have ADD, making them extremely hard to hit. Fortunately, they are also the lightest class. Never try to outrun a Scout. If you cannot hit them with your rocketlauncher no matter how hard you try, switch to your shotgun and pump them full of lead. Scouts must only be fairly close to you in order to have a large threat at your life. At this range, your shotgun is also equally deadly. Two close-range shots should be enough to kill a measly 125 HP Scout.

Engineers: Engineers are not a threat. Their Sentries are. If it’s a Level 1 or a building Sentry, just march right up to it and rocket it down, circle-strafing away from it to take minimal damage. However, for a Level 2 or 3 Sentry, this is markedly more harder. If you don’t have a Medic healing you, just strafe in and out of the Sentry’s range/view or behind cover and pelt it with rockets during intervals. If you have a Medic, or even better, an Ubercharge ready, use the same tactic as a Level 1 Sentry, but try not to pop an Ubercharge too early for just one Sentry Gun. If the Engineer is near the Sentry or sitting on top of it, the splash damage from the rockets will most likely kill him as well.

Heavy Weapons Guy: The HWG is a considerable threat. At close range, a few seconds of shooting can quickly take a Soldier down. The best tactic is to rocket-jump into the air and rain hot death on his face. Since they can’t dodge, aim for the body.

Snipers: G’day! Snipers can completely ruin your round. One shot and it’s good bye. Try not to catch the attention of a Sniper, because they are going to be a long distance away. Try and let the team Sniper take care of the other team’s Sniper. At close combat, take them on like any other class. The SMG is mighty weak.

Medics: Medics are only a priority in certain situations. Medics should only be taken out when they are healing a heavy threat (or a Heavy threat ). The easiest way to take out a Medic + Offense combo is to rocket-jump over both of them and rain death in between them so both get hit. Bonus points for a crocket gib! When assaulted by a Medic wielding an Ubersaw, resist the temptation to shovel him and focus on rocketing his feet.

: Remember, if you run out of rockets, don’t reload. To finish an enemy off, the shotgun is a great alternative to a reload.

Advanced Soldier Techniques.
Now that we’ve covered the basics, how can we rack up more frags and gib the opposing team better and harder?

Advanced Rocket-Jumping.
Up until now, I’ve described how to basically rocket-jump. Run, point at the ground, and shoot. This is all very well, but absolutely predictable. What can you do that can make rocket-jumping more effective?

A. Jumping higher – To jump higher than a regular rocket-jump, before you shoot at the ground, jump and crouch and then shoot. Your height will increase by a lot.

B. Speed-gaining rocket-jumps – You know how a Demoman can lay a sticky down on the ground and use it to propel himself forward? You can do the same as a Soldier. All you have to do is run forward, quickly turn backwards 180 degrees and aim at the ground in front of you and jump-crouch. Then immediately after the shot, turn 180 degrees to the front again and steer while in the air.

C. Backwards rocket-jumping – This is the same as above, except you shoot the ground in front of you and jump-crouch. You will get propelled backwards. This is effective when running from Pyros.

D. Horizontal rocket-jumping – This is the same as both above tactics, except you aim either to the right or left part of the ground and jump-crouch. Either side works, just turn 90 degrees to either side, shoot-jump-crouch, and turn forward again. This not only gets height, but also thrusts you into the fray at high-speed so the other team is caught unawares.

E. Wall-jumping – Finally, we have the wall jump. This is one of the most challenging to do effectively. This technique speeds up your movements highly. You can either move forwards quickly or use this tactic to climb a tower from the outside. There are two steps to this technique. First, rocket-jump with your side against a wall. Then, in the air, aim at the part of the wall that is directly at your feet before you reach the climax of your previous jump. This is because if the Soldier is falling, the rocket only slows the fall, because while in the air, the rocket only helps when it is fired in the opposite direction of the way you are going. You will get propelled higher and more forward. Repeat.

These techniques are highly successful, especially with a Medic on you at the time. Just make sure the Medic stays behind you at all times. It’s an especially quick way to build up an Ubercharge.

Original post can be found here.

On the topic of raepfaec, I found a real-life Sandvich!

Happy Fragging!

-Pnz XiII


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