Yet another Sniper Guide.

Hi all, sorry about the lack of posts these days, I’ve been busy preparing for CAL in CS. Here is a TF2 Sniper guide from one of the forums I go to that I wrote.\

Hello, I’m back with yet another guide, this time tackling the aussie outbacker, the Sniper.

*Cue theme music that sounds vaguely like TF2 Music.*

Well, a lot of the people that play TF2 probably despise Snipers. With just a bit of aim, they can completely obliterate a push, without coming even near range to be hit by anything.

Sometimes you’ll wonder to yourself, How the fuck did he hit me? You strafe, bunny-hop, and jump around, yet you still get headshotted by that FUCKING SNIPER.

Well, I’m here now to show everyone the secrets to being a good Sniper.

I. Basics.

The sniper is one of the most powerful classes in the game. As I said before, with one good Sniper, you can completely obliterate the offense.

The two weapons you should have on your quickswitch QQ should be the Sniper Rifle and the Machete. If you’re good enough, you can noscope a Pyro running after you, then Machete his face.

There is one command that is ever so useful to a Sniper.
zoom_sensitivity_ratio X
Replace X with the ratio. Basically, if your sensitivity is 1.0, then when you are scoped, the sensitivity will be 1.0 times X, so if your sensitivity is 3.0 and you set it to 0.2, then your scoped sensitivity will be 0.6. I’ve set mine to 0.77, it’s perfect for me.

Another thing to remember is that sometimes TF2 lags, because it transfers data in 66 Tick, so even if you aim at the head, sometimes the hitboxes lag behind.

Another tip is that if you are peeking a door or an entrance, leave your laser so that the enemy cannot see it.

Also, KEEP FUCKING MOVING. I cannot explain how important this is. A non-scoped, moving Sniper his harder to hit than a scoped, standing one. Never stay scoped, and if an enemy is in your sight, then quick-flick to him. This way, two headshots will kill most classes.

There are three tricks to being the best Sniper ever. A good graphics card, the Head-Level Shot™, and the “Flick Shot™.”

II. A good graphics card.

A good graphics card is actually one of the most important thing to have. With a good one, you won’t lag, and you won’t miss a single frame of movement that could have been that headshot. This actually REALLY helped me. My KDR jumped from 1.25 to around 4.00 upgrading from a 7600 GO to a GTX 280.

If you have the money, then get the GTX 280. I use that, and I get 60 FPS constant with “Meet the Team” quality graphics.

Some other good cards include the 8800 GTX or the 9600 GT.

III. The Head-Level Shot™.

This shot is the best shot for beginners to master, after which you can graduate to the Flick Shot™. This trains your reaction time, and helps you learn to see when there is a head in your sights.

The basics of this shot is simple – keep your sight at head level, and strafe into an enemy’s head. All classes in TF2 have the same head level, and if you keep your laser at that level, if someone crosses, then you can get their head.

The disadvantages to this shot are that it’s hard to hit twitching Medics and Scouts, and faster Snipers will pwn your face.

IV. The “Flick Shot™.”

Now, you’re probably asking me, how the fuck is that gonna help me? It makes me slow!

Well, I’m about to disclose to you the one key skill a good Sniper should have. It’s called the Flick Shot™. The Flick Shot™ is a regular shot, and everyone develops habits with it. Basically, you “patrol” your screen with your scope, and when an enemy pops up on your view, you flick your shot to his head.

At first, this is very hard to do. But if you practice and practice, you’ll eventually be able to flick that precise distance. This is why the good graphics card and the Head-Level Shot™ are key. They will prepare you for this shot.

V. Who to shoot?

1. Snipers -vs- Snipers. Shoot the other Snipers before they shoot your team. They have as much power as you, remember. If they just stand still, then just strafe in and out of cover, jumping and crouching, and aim at them through the wall, and pop out and fire.

2. Shoot the motherfucking doctor. Seriously. Your number two priority is the ~MEDIC~. Don’t go for anyone else, except Snipers. Especially at the beginning of the round, try and track the Medics so you can eliminate the threat of an invulnerability charge.

3. Then everyone else. Remember, a charged headshot does 450 Damage. You can kill a buffed HWG like that. For most classes, a decently charged shot will do. Remember a Fully charged body shot will kill all of the weaker classes, and every building except a level two or three Sentry Gun. It’s good to shoot the level two and threes when an ally is in the middle of taking one out. If there is an Engineer that is creating a problem, then keep them on their toes by pumping bullets into his gun, and when he peeks even for a second, make him regret it.

VI. Individual Class strategies.

The Scout: The Scout is a dick, ADDing around your screen until either he kills you or you run away. The best way to hit them is to charge up a shot and hit their body in midair, killing them. If not, retreat while SMGing them, and when you round a corner, double back and Machete them. Remember, you can kill all the weaker classes with a fully charged body shot.

The Soldier: That helmet’s not gonna do shit. Shoot the head. Now. When they rocket-jump, with a fully charged shot, you can most likely kill them with a body shot, or make them die when they land. Other than that, for the noob spamzores Soldiers, just aim for the head with a decently charged shot.

The Pyro: Aim for the head, even through the flames. Hot bullets hurt more. Their heads are smaller than most other classes, so it may seem harder to hit them, but trust me, it’s not as hard as it seems if you use the Flick Shot™ and the Head-Level Shot™ to kill them.

The Demoman: Holy shit, shoot the FACE. It clears stickies. If there is a Sticky rug in front of you, scope and clear them. The Demoman is a large threat, and most will stand still to get a good angle at a Sentry Gun. They are almost impervious to everything else, so even a good body shot and a noscope combo will kill them easily.

The Heavy Weapons Guy: Charge up a shot and hit the head. This class is the easiest to kill, because they walk slower than a retarded train. Even if they have a Medic on them, if you can’t hit the Medic easily, just take out the Heavy and kill the Medic while he’s retreating. Remember to take out KK’d Heavies.

The Engineer: Here’s a great tip: every building, except for a level two and three sentry will die from a single fully charged shot. As for the Hard Hat, shoot the hard hat. If he peeks for a second to see what the threat is, then shoot his face and kill the gun with two charged shots.

The Medic: Aim for the body with a charged shot, or try and hit the head. They’re trained to jump around, so it’s all down to skill here. The Flick Shot™ is the key. Try to hit them when you see the Ubercharge sparks around their Medigun.

The Sniper: After every shot missed, wither crouch or jump. Then scope and Flick Shot™ onto their face. As I said before, aim at them through the wall if you know that they stand still and peek out and BOOM HEADSHOT. Remember, if you can see their head, they can see yours. A fully charged body shot will kill the Sniper, so try and get an angle where they cannot see you.

The Spy: Not much you can do but hit the disguised spies in the face. Sometimes you’ll get a lucky headshot on a cloaked Spy! The Spy is a constant threat to your survival, so try and find an area that a Spy cannot get to, like the little ledge in Goldrush Stg1 Cap1 on the outside of the house. This prevents backstabs easily getting on you. When you see an enemy spy cloak, spray your SMG everywhere around your team to see where they are. Then either keep pumping lead into them, or go up to them with your kukri and slice their face off.

VII. Closing Notes

Well, I hope you learned a lot and that this will help you make the other team complain.

Happy fragging!
Original post here.

-Pnz XiII


~ by Panzer on September 26, 2008.

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