The top developers of gaming.

Well, hello all, I’m back with another entry into my mind. I’ve recently changed my name to Panzerschrek.

Today, I’d like to discuss the world of game development. I’ve compiled a list of the best developers for each genre, and a runner up. If you disagree, then RANT on the comment box! And again, sorry about the short posts, I’ve got a lot ON my mind as well as IN it. 🙂

First/Third Person Shooter (FPS/TPS) – VALVe (Runner up – Epic)
Platformers (Action-Adventure) – Nintendo (Runner Up – RARE)
Role-Playing Games (RPG) – Square Enix (Runner Up – Level 5)
Strategy (RTS/TBS) – Blizzard (Runner Up – Maxis [with Will Wright])
Puzzle – Q? Games (Runner Up – Nintendo)

See yah!


~ by Panzer on October 1, 2008.

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