“Demoman is OP’d,” the noob cried. Quoth the Heavy, Cry some Moar.

Hello everyone! Our CAL team is currently 2-0-0! Hope you have all been well today.

I’ve been lurking the Steampowered Forums for TF2 and I’ve been looking at threads saying how the Demoman is OP’d and such and whine and bitch and cry. To all people, I say, the Demoman is NOT overpowered. The Demoman absolutely is garbage at close combat, for all he has is the bottle. The two main counters to a Demoman are a Scout and a Pyro. With almost no good Scouts and W+M1 Pyros running around, the Demoman reigns free.

Also, the game was balanced for 12-v-12 regular spawn, not 16-v-16 Instaspawn Deathmatch 2fort. Another point is that there aren’t that many good Demomen either, all you really see is midair-detonating Stickiemen. To all Demomen: get this through your thick skulls. The Grenade Launcher does so much more damage. Stickies are weakshit. USE THEM FOR DEMOLISHING CRAP, not other players. Also, the ammo nerf greatly balanced the game.

Stop bitching.



~ by Panzer on October 14, 2008.

2 Responses to ““Demoman is OP’d,” the noob cried. Quoth the Heavy, Cry some Moar.”

  1. for starts as a pyro iv noticed that if i W+M1 a demo he puts a nade in my face that either insta gibs or blows me back a few miles, simple tact as demo, find a door put stickies and wait, left click right click. tho i understand there are some demos who use the class i still think the naed dealing up to 180 dmg and stickies doing 40-60 each, its a little unfair,

    PS demos pwn pyros in every way, the only chance i have of killing a demo is if i get behind him at point blank with the Back Burner, if its not poiunt blank he turns arounbd and i get the situation highlighted before

  2. Well, the soft counters to a demo are the Scout and Spy, both of which are among the least played classes, and the hardest. The best way to counter a demo is to strafe and get in his face, but of course that is harder than it sounds. Nooby demos are so easy to counter, really the pro ones are a beastlike force.

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