It’s the holiday season! (the holiday season!) and…

Hello everyone! It’s a-comin’ on to Christmas! Today’s Black Friday and everyone’s getting in line at midnight to try and get those three Xbox 360s they have in stock for $1.99. Of course, the holiday season is never mentioned without a mention of the best, most anticipated games people are looking forward to that year! Here’s a look.
1. Gears of War 2
Hey Dom whadda we do now?

Dom: Hey Marcus, it looks like what they call a job for Captain Planet! Marcus: Hey Dom! Shut the fuck up.

One of the highly anticipated games coming out this year for the Xbox 360, Gears of War 2 follows up the highly compelling and amazing original game with more features and better environments. This loosely translates to OMG CHAINSAW DOOLZ. The new environments don’t always look like the same boring cement rectangular blocks, and the new boss battles are amazingly epic.

The story is deeper than the first. The story revolves around Marcus and his search for his wife, Maria. There are new characters that add to the storyline and dialogue, each with their own personality. Cole Train is still here, of course, along with Baird. New characters include Tai Kaliso and Dizzy, who are part of the team in the beginning of the game. One of the new weapons is the mortar, which is amazingly powerful, one hit being able to kill a reaver, a few in the face to take down a Brumak. The meat shield everyone is raving about is here too, a dead Locust you can pick up and use as a shield. Who needs Kevlar when you have dead babies? All the weapons now have their own unique finishers, and the new weapons feel just as refreshing as they should, as well as feeling satisfying with each hit.

There are now vehicle levels as well, where you race along Reavers and Brumaks and destroy everything in your path while Dizzy drives. These levels are amazing, as well as all the other ones. Of course, there are a lot of new, refreshed multiplayer options. One of these include the Meat Flag, where it is like CTF, but the flag is a Locust that shoots and you must meat shield him over to your base.

Gears of War 2 has already released to critical acclaim, and looks to be one of the top sellers this holiday season. Looks like Epic has another hit on their hands. And all over CliffyB’s chainsaw.

2. Resistance 2: United We Fall


Well, well, well. This masterpiece from the geniuses at Insomniac is the PS3 equivalent of Gears of War 2. The first game was amazing, with is whole slew of amazingly intuitive guns, epic storyline, and crazy enemies.

Insomniac promises to deliver with an even more epic storyline, more weapons, and BIG FUCKING BOSSES. Well, they sure did do all three.

The storyline revolves around a full-scale Chimeran attack on the United States, surrounded from both the east and west. Hale must save the world. Again. There is another tower in Chicago, just like the one in London in the first game. After deactivating it, they find that it was remotely activated from Iceland, and they go to destroy it. I won’t spoil the ending for you, but let’s just say some aliens get raped up the butt.

Of course, what new Insomniac game would it be without new guns? One of the new guns is the Slicer, which fires an electromagnetically charged buzzsaw blade at the enemy. Also, just like Gears 2 did with the Brumak, some of the new bosses are huge, epic battles.

The multiplayer offers up to 60-player warfare, and upto 8-player co-op. This leads to some interesting multiplayer games, with more team-oriented gameplay. I wouldn’t be surprised to enter a server and see people actually working together to fulfill the objective.

Just as Gears 2 did, and Resistance: Fall of Man did two years ago, this game has released to critical acclaim. Critics praised the new gameplay, storyline, and weapons, as well as the amazingly epic multiplayer gameplay. GG, Resistance 2 wins.

3. Left 4 Dead

Hmm, zombies + cornstalks = corny, clichéd zombies? Naaaah.

Hmm, zombies + cornstalks = corny, clichéd zombies? Naaaah.

Well, VALVe in recent years (and not so recent years) has evolved into one of the finest quality developers in the gaming industry, being called the Square Enix of FPSs or the Nintendo of the PC world. Many gamers may not have heard so much about this company because until the Orange Box released, the company was exclusively PC, starting with the wildly popular and successful Half-Life, and continuing with CounterStrike, and eventually evolving into the Orange Box and Half-Life 2.

Their latest offering is Left 4 Dead, a zombie shooter that emphasizes on co-op and multiplayer fun. A team of four (Left 4 Dead) must find haven in a post-apocalyptic, zombie wasteland. Of course, VALVe delivers. What seems like a boring, clichéd game comes out as an amazing, intuitive, and fun experience. How many times has a gamer shot a zombie in the head? Not enough. This game combines the seamless shooting experience with satisfying melee hits and new zombie types such as the Boomer and the Witch.

The co-op is the main offering, with up to four players online. VALVe released a demo a few weeks before game release, which was fully playable and even had multiplayer. The co-op is excellent, incouraging teamwork in a frantic way. Multiplayer competitive gameplay pits a team of four survivors against four zombies, all controlled by human players.

Left 4 Dead seems to be the “best zombie shoota evar,” and I expect it to be a buy this holiday season.

4. Dead Space

Dead Space. Looks kind of lonely out there...

Dead Space. Looks kind of lonely out there... and un-antialiased.

Dead Space has been on a lot of people’s radar since it was announced. The game was developed by a team at EA that is very passionate about this game. For them, this game was a dream come true, and they poured their passion into the development of this game.

Dead Space is a combination of zombies, space marines, and crazy guns. A combination of the most clichéd themes in gaming! The gameplay revolves around a gun that slices specific limbs. Some enemies may need their head sliced off, but some, when that happens, may just spawn tentacles and rape you. For example, one zombie has a fat stomach, that when burst, spawns little baby flying shits that annoy you until you die.

The game has released to critical acclaim, critics praising the amazing and intuitive gameplay. However, many reviewers are not giving the game a perfect score because of the generic, stupid storyline. The environments are also criticized for”trying to be scary,” but failing to do so effectively.

Dead Space seems to be a good game, and will be an interesting play this holiday.

Well, their you have it. Four amazing games this holiday that will be sure to keep you busy while you’re munching on Santa’s cookies.

Hapy Holidays to all!



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