FusionFall: Cartoon Network’s new MMORPG.

Hello everyone, and happy new year! Today I have been taking a look at Cartoon Network’s new MMO, FusionFall. The game is set in the CN universe, which apparently is the universe where all the shows’ homes are collaborated into one place. The game is browser-based and uses a nice 3D engine to render the decently pretty cel-shaded world. Some of the environments put me into a nostalgic daze, and I remembered watching many of the shows whose neighborhoods made it into this beta release.

I have been scornful as of late at some of CN’s shows, as some of them seem to me not as good compared to the old shows of our childhood, such as Dexter’s Laboratory or Cow and Chicken. However, CN seems to have made a very good decision as to including only the very best of these shows, and adding a slightly edgy, darker look to all the characters. Most of the characters have either aged or changed into a more realistic version of their television counterparts.

Dexter from the FusionFall universe. Note the character detail.

Dexter from the FusionFall universe. Note the character detail and slight anime-ish stylization of the overall look-feel.

The personalized character models are nicely cel-shaded, and pretty detailed, especially for a browser-based game. The animations are decently fluid, and the character doesn’t look like a base jumper when he jumps.

The gameplay is decent, especially to the target demographic, young children that watch the channel primarily. The controls are fluid and responsive, and the programmers did a good job of doing a WASD + Mouse control configuration, as opposed to a less comfortable arrow key-based control scheme. The gameplay honestly reminds me of World of Warcraft, albeit an overly-simplistic version.

The story is about how in the near future, the CN universe is attacked by “Fusion Creatures,” which can range from your everyday monster to alternate forms of all the CN’s familiar characters ranging from Eddy to the “Numbuhs” of the Kids Next Door.

The game primarily features a multitude of fetch quests, mainly based on a form of “go from Point A to Point B, get Item A, and come back to Point A.” These quests can get repetetive, however it shoudn’t be a problem due to the fact that the game is targeted to children either just starting their gaming lives or just having some fun. There are also platforming segments based on jumping from block to block which are mainly inside the “Fusion Sectors” of the maps.

The combat mechanic is simple and easy. The combat is a hybrid of a third-person shooter and  an MMO, with auto-target. The damage is all done, both ways, with hitscan-based weapons that either hit, or… hit (as long as the targeting reticle is on the monster). Of course, there is no player versus player combat, but perhaps after the full release, there will be a hearty patch with some PvP included.

The only real problem with the game is that it lags quite frequently, either due to server latency, or due to FPS spikes caused by the engine. All in all, these problems are minor and aren’t very significant. Also, since the game is targeted towards children, each name is individually filtered for obscenities and at first, your character will be given a temporary number.

This game is fairly enjoyable, and will prove to be a mildly addicting distraction to those in need of a simplistic MMO. If you remember the good old days and feel nostalgic about the old cartoons you used to watch, do yourself a favor, and check it out. Bring your kid.

-Peace out…

Panzer XiII (Yes, a revert back to the old name.)




~ by Panzer on January 8, 2009.

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