The Best Games of 2008 Feature: Part Three – Most Innovative Titles

Well, as two of the best titles of 2008 have been chosen, now it is time for one of the most important awards to come out – which game was so innovative, that it can truly change the gaming industry. From new ideas to a reimagining of old ones, as technology increases and time moves on, gaming gets better and better. Here’s a look at the most innovative titles of 2008.

1. LittleBigPlanet (PS3)

LBP is truly a new style of console gaming. Now, in the era of user-generated content, this truly trumps all efforts that have come thus far, imitating the PC modding community and allowing gamers to create anything in the world they are given. Although this idea of user-creation isn’t truly innovative in the gaming world (check out the Source Engine), this feature in the game truly allows people to check out the custom side of gaming – the true, player’s choice in creating what you want to play.

2. Mirror’s Edge (PS3, Xbox 360, PC)

This is a true, clear-cut example of innovation in gaming. The amazing gameplay, which pretty much puts a first-person camera on a platforming character, works very nicely, creating a compelling experience that is unlike anything ever seen before. The environments, while bland, can be artistically nice looking, and although the characters and story are not compelling, the overall gameplay is very well polished. This innovative title is one I hope to see more of in the future, with maybe a sequel to expand on the first game, which had a lot of unmet potential.

3. Left 4 Dead (PC, Xbox 360)

This game has popped up multiple times. It truly revolutionized the meaning of co-op gameplay. Now, any other title with exceptional co-op, such as Haze, with eight-player co-op, or even Army of Two, with its exceptional two-man co-op could have made the list, but what truly makes Left 4 Dead amazing is that it really encourages co-op in subtle ways, that even if you are a gun-star, if you go off on your own, trying to solo a mission, you will die. The game also has a co-op versus co-op mode, which is a very compelling multiplayer experience.

4. Spore (PC)

Spore is truly an innovative title. The game features almost an entire moveset never before seen in gaming. The game, which is based almost entirely on creation, is a virtual-reality tutorial of evolution à la Will Wright. The game is amazing, and the creation tools are very versatile; you can create almost anything with the tools. Unfortunately, this exceptional game features unexceptional digital rights management. The DRM in the disc only allows for up to five installs, and must be verified every ten days. But the overall experience is not greatly hindered. Pick up this game, create a monster (you can make dick monsters!) and take over the universe.

And the winner is… Spore. This game is the most innovative title we’ve seen in years, with the most creation-based tools you can find in a single package. The unnecessary DRM is annoying, but it’s worth putting up with it to play this amazing game. Have fun.


~ by Panzer on January 16, 2009.

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