The Falling (or Fallen?) Caliber of the Common WoWer

Hello! I am a fairly recent 80, who just hit the level cap last month. I have started doing ICC 10-mans and I consider myself a quick learner and a good gamer.

Recently, my guild has been running many raids, ranging from Onyxia’s Lair to Icecrown Citadel. I have had hit and miss groups (we have had to fill spots in with PUGers) and overall, the completion rating I have had has been around 85%. I just have some qualms about the common nature of PUGing, some that mildly bother me, and some that have induced me into an all out rage at 1:00 in the morning.

I come from a competitive shooter background, so I suppose I have come to expect more from my peers and fellow players. However, I have noticed that in many PUGs, players blatantly ignore suggestions and, sometimes, commands given to them by the raid leader when they keep making a same stupid mistake repeatedly. Now, I can understand that at first, raids like ICC and Ony can seem daunting to newer players, or those that haven’t had much raiding experience. However, I feel that after the twelvth wipe, perhaps it should occur to them that they are making a mistake and they should change it?

My most recent experience was when we were fighting Lord Marrowgar, the first boss of ICC. This was 10-man regular difficulty, so it shouldn’t have posed much of a challenge. As this was my first time doing the fight as well, I fully expected to wipe once or twice and then move on to the next boss. Boy, was I wrong.

I, personally, figured out the fight about midway through our first try. I figured that fire = bad and the whirlwind = not so bad, so we should just ignore the whirlwind and just concentrate on dodging the fire. I also figured out that melee DPSers should all stack behind the boss as to quickly dispatch the bone spikes. by the end of the first encounter, I had mentally calculated the optimal positions for the Main Tank, Off Tank, and Healers, and figured where the Ranged DPS should stay.

Now, I knew that I would figure it out faster than others, and I didn’t feel comfortable calling this out, as I might be wrong, and it was only my first attempt. I might be scorned or mocked.

We wipe five more times.

Only now did an “experienced” player call out what we were doing wrong, and call out the exact same things I was thinking! So now I knew that I understood the fight, and I started calling stuff out.

We wipe three more times.

I see a mage and a priest walking through the fire. I mean literally through the fire. Along its path. Not through the fire as to get to safety, but through the fire parallel to its path.

We wipe two more times.

I almost go berserker status IRL. I yelled at the mage and the priest, who continued to do this while failing to attack the bone spikes continuously, and continued to be the main reason we wiped. We disband, and agree to try again tomorrow. A waste of three hours and 200 gold for nothing.

I, at this point, was extremely angry. I left Ventrilo and just went into a private voice server with some friends. I was talking to them about this fail run, and in a few minutes, I began to cool down. I got told at by some guildmates for being so negative, and I began to realize that others may not get things as fast as me.

So this brings up an issue: why not?

I believe everyone should be able to figure out what to do, or at least listen to others who do. Why can’t the common PUGer figure out these things? Is it a psychological issue – the daunting task of confronting the Lich King that just messes with their heads? Or is it just skill (or lack thereof)?

What do you guys think?


~ by Panzer on April 15, 2010.

One Response to “The Falling (or Fallen?) Caliber of the Common WoWer”

  1. The general issue that others wont explain the fights and typically just say in chat K should be easy fight and thats it. If you dare to ask questions you get booted. Typically happens with the kids IE under 25 crowd. Thats why I prefer to play with my own age group. 35+

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